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Welcome to Redmond

With its massive tech centers such as AT&T, Microsoft and Nintendo of America, it is easy for outsiders to forget about Redmond, Washington’s small town charm, healthy lifestyle and short commute times. But, between its 30-plus public parks, burgeoning real estate market and bustling local economy, Redmond is one of the most attractive cities in Greater Seattle.

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For those in the know, it’s easy to understand why Redmond was ranked one of the top five best small towns in America by Money magazine in 2012.Though it feels like a small town, Redmond is an affluent city with a growing population and vibrant economy. Redmond’s housing market is one of the strongest in Washington.


Since 2015, the average home has appreciated about 12 percent and so, with the local job market growing, Redmond homeowners can expect their property investments to gain in value.Many of Redmond's most recent developments have been concentrated in the city's downtown area. Here, residents can enjoy being in a trendy neighborhood that's home to the hottest restaurants and retail shops in town.


Home prices are slightly lower near downtown, making the area great for those searching for condos in proximity to a lively cafe society.Just southwest of downtown is Overlake, the neighborhood that's home to the main Microsoft corporate campus. As one might expect, this is an ideal location for those doing business with the tech sector. Homes in this area generally do not stay on the market long and fortune favors the bold.Those searching for waterfront property can head a little farther east to Idylwood.


Situated on the western shore of Lake Sammamish, this neighborhood has a more intimate feel than Lake Washington, yet features some of the more desirable high-end real estate.Northern Redmond is a more popular area for those seeking larger homes in a quiet community. Neighborhoods like Education Hill and North Redmond feature many beautiful residential areas that are near schools, but nestled well away from major roads.

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