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I'm kicking off 2022 with an exciting new program! Picture yourself and 3 friends or family members vacationing in sunny Hawaii. FOR FREE! I'm so thankful to those who trust me with their real estate needs, and for spreading the words to friends and family. So to thank you, I'm sending one amazing referrer and 3 of their friends and family members on a trip to Hawaii! 

Here are the details:

This trip will go to the person who sends me the most referrals from RIGHT NOW until noon on December 1st, 2022.


A referral from you just means that you’ve introduced me to someone who is legitimately* interested in buying or selling with me, whether it’s a home or condo in the Greater Seattle Area. 


It is not contingent upon me successfully working with the person referred. My intention is to thank you for your kind act of thinking of me, not for the results.


It does not matter what they are looking for: A $250,000 condo means the same as a $2,000,000 listing. Each of those count as the same — one referral.


Trip must be used in the following calendar year, 2023.

The give-away includes four round trip flights, not to exceed $600 per ticket.


Lodging for up to 7 nights at a location of your choice, not to exceed $400 per night.


*We reserve the right to use our experience with buyers and sellers to decide if someone is legitimately interested or not.

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